Marc Sparfel’s work is not purely abstract. They are imposing grids, geometric and irregular ones that the artist builds, paints and integrates in an ideal unit formed by wood fragments rescued from the urban reality. We are faced with forms linked to history, territory and also to everyday life.
Structures are not rigid, but agile, for the way he uses fragile wood and fresh colors- saturated and primary colors. The wooden objects that compose his sculptures are reclaimed material from the city (doors, back panel of wardrobe, false ceiling), which he recycles to get them fosilized. The artist inverts thus the natural time drift.

Abandoned furniture that has no purpose anymore or simply isn’t wanted. The ever changing cycle, outdated shapes at the hour of triumph of Swedish design. Chairs, wardrobes and hat stands, a truly urban forest which grows out of the asphalt: it climbs street lamps, it scales walls, it invades the streets…
This is my forest, my natural habitat where I walk with pleasure, always excited by the surprises the new harvest brings, where I handpick the best pieces, select the wood, and pluck my findings like fruit off a tree.
Once in my workshop, my sanctuary, my laboratory, I start the process of transformation, sometimes slow and painful, other times less so, but always intuitive, searching for a certain elegance, a poetry made from wood.