Marc Sparfel 2013©


About my work
When I arrived in Barcelona, I was immediately intrigued by the amount of furniture abandoned in the streets. I quickly started using this new material in my sculptures.
Initially, I found the furnishings by chance during my walks, but later realized that in every neighborhood there is a set day to leave large items in the street. So I started walking around the old town according to the "furniture days" of each neighborhood to recover the material bit by bit. Over time, the neighbors began to leave me chairs in front of my workshop ...
Regarding the working process, there are two major steps. The first step is the design of the piece, the second is its construction. I draw my inspiration directly from the forms I find when dismantling the furniture. Sometimes I have the beginning of an idea, and can envision the head, horns, and legs, but some piece that should complete the sculpture is missing, which makes the design process longer. I have used some pieces of furniture many years after recovering them in the street. Of course, there are also sculptures that I never finished. Regarding the time of construction, it depends on the degree of technical difficulty and size of each sculpture. It is true that I am a bit of a perfectionist and naturally work in a slow and meticulous way, and I like to respect this character trait in my workshop!