Marc Sparfel Sculture

Fotógrafo: Manu Da Costa

Marc Sparfel was born in 1972 in Brittany in the North-West of France. He spent his childhood in the countryside, surrounded by nature and animals, and was particularly fascinated by horses and cows.
After graduating from high school, Sparfel studied Commerce in Tours, in central France. He subsequently completed his civil service by working as a technician in a puppet theater in Orleans, south of Paris. At the age of 23 he began to study Visual Communication at the École des Beaux-Arts, primarily focussing on photography, drawing, engraving, and art history. In his third year he left the Art School. In 1999 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he still lives today. Being immediately intrigued by the sheer amount of furniture abandoned in the streets, he gradually began to incorporate these materials into his sculptures, in a long series of masks, animals and mythological beings. Meanwhile he has developed an abstract, geometric and lyrical work that preserves a certain dose of animality.
Currently his work is exhibited in Spain, France, Germany, and the United States.